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Subject:anything goes but don't blink you might miss.
Time:08:18 pm
Current Mood:busybusy
my chi came in a few days ago and it's really good. did you know the price has dropped for them? mine was like $120. not bad for how much better it is for your hair. haha- actually, NOT straightening my hair pretty much at all is amazingly good for my hair. because of lacrosse i haven't bothered except for like twice and my hair is so much healthier, it's kind of scary.

so ben has been trying really hard lately? i love how as soon as i detach myself from that kid he decides that he's going to step up his game about 15 notches. it's good, though, because i'm always very shocked and surprised when he does. maybe i shouldn't be, but i always am.

i managed to get a lot of work today in little nooks and crannies of time. that always makes me feel good, since it's so easy to waste time. it just flies by! and especially with lacrosse at the time of day that it is (3:30-6), it feels like the day flies by and then it's lacrosse and then it's night time!

so i had a rocky start when it comes to playing, but i'm getting the hang of things. today's practice was a lot better. i dunno how i'm going to play at the tournament on sunday, since tomorrow is our last practice before it... i mean, i know i will be able to play, but i dunno about the quality. especially since we're playing uva, unc, and the england national team. in case you didn't know (but you probably guessed) uva and unc are top ten teams. teams i wouldn't dream of ever getting recruited by. playing them is going to be unreal. but we're going to grin and bear it.

oh and plus- today we found out that our best attacker cannot play as of now until we don't know when because of shin splints/possible stress fractures. which means that there's a high liklihood that i will have to start. not because i'm that good. because there's honestly no one else. okay i'm not giving myself enough credit, but it's kind of common sense that sickly cheli is not in the best shape and hasn't practice in a few months so it's a little weird.

off to study for my first test of the semester!!


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Subject:after reading sydney's entry, i felt obliged...
Time:03:36 pm
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another update to come later!!
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Subject:Public Post: Friends Cut
Time:04:51 pm
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
yeah, so I'm trimming my friends list because I want to keep it small and stuff. haha- the point of entries being friends-locked is that not many people can see it, so if i don't normally comment on yours or we aren't super tight and you want to be kept, reply to this post!

and for your enjoyment...

some major hotties.
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Time:12:52 pm
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Subject:Friends Only
Time:06:22 pm
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Comment and I will probably add you!

xoxo, cheli
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[icon] no one else can feel it for you
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